Easy Videshan Mantra

Easy Videshan Mantra

This easy Videshan mantra I am writing to you for people who have no place or arrangements to do the long procedures. this mantra is the best and easy to follow instructions which I am sharing with you. This remedy you can use for the enemy and your beloved. Sometimes selfish people come into your beloved life and get him/her into influence by tantra mantra and take advantage of it, and you do best to convince them to tell the truth to your partner but he/she does not listen to anything. in that problem, you can do this easy Videshan mantra to do videshan between them but this mantra will work only if you are real and you have no hidden revenge or wrong desires into the heart for the persons between whom you are doing the easy videshan mantra vidhi prayog.

At Thursday night you should seat on the black cloth after the bath, keep direction on the south side and get snake bone rosary in your right or left hand as you are comfortable and light mustard oil lamp at front and do the easy videshan mantra vidhi  2028 times, you can also complete the Japa in some nights as per the comfortable way you can complete it in 11 or 21 nights if not possible to do at the one-night ritual.

|| Mantra- Om namoh narayanayeh amukashyamuken (here you will speak the name of beloved and enemy) vidweshanam kuru kuru swaha ||

Videshan Mantra To Shut Mouth Of Enemy

Videshan Mantra To Shut Mouth Of EnemyA very effective videshan mantra to shut mouth of enemy giving to you. This videshan mantra will shut off the mouth of the enemy or someone who is speaking falsely against you. You can start this videshan mantra from an inauspicious day and time (ask your local priest for information). Take bath from water and black sesame mixture, wear a black dress and sit on black cloth, face south direction & lit a sesame oil lamp in front of bhairav idol, do worship in a complete manner and offer alcohol and salty food to him.

After the basic procedure, do the chanting using rudraksha rosary and recite 51 rosary cycle minimum each night, do the same procedure for 21 days, and on the 22nd night do the hawan using black sesame, lemon pieces, black pepper to complete the videshan mantra to shut mouth of enemy. This mantra will stop that specific person speak against you.

Gurumata Maya especially performs some very effective videshan vidhi for people on the requirement and in serious conditions. If you are in trouble due to enemy interfere in your life, someone is abusing or spreading false words against you so this powerful mantra to shut month of enemy will help a lot.

|| Mantra- Om maha bhairawayeh amuko amuka vidwesham kuru phat ||

Some Effective Remedies To Make Two People Hate Each Other

You need to buy wings of sae and infuse it by given mantra. If you speak it 501 times to 1008 times so it will be activated and charged by mantra frequencies, Bury wings of sae on the door of your first enemy and second enemy and next day exchange and rebury it at night.

You can make tilak over the two enemies between which you want to make separation to make ready the tilak you should grind the teeth of the elephant and lion with butter, infuse it by the same mantra and use it when required, they will be separated soon.

Get the nails of the cat and hairs of dog, infuse them by the same mantra with the same method and burn it by Holika fire, and keep it safe, when you require, sprinkle the paste inside the home of two peoples they will start quarrel and get separated soon.

Herbal Remedies For Videshan Tantra

Bhangraj is a leaf name, you will have to take the juice of this leaf and when you will infuse by given mantra with the same method and you will sprinkle over the cloth of enemies they will start fighting with each other.

If you have contact with your enemy at the front you have no issue today so go to his home and see his bedroom, take some clay of there and infuse by mantra and given method, and throw inside the fire of dead body into shamshan on Sunday night. they will not leave happy in that house and start getting angry with each other and fight a lot.

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